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doll customizer & makeover artist


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  • 1/6 YOSD, 12" vinyl doll (Monster High, Barbie etc.) 160€
  • 1/4 MSD, 1/3 SD, 17" vinyl doll (17" Tonner, Disney Doll etc.) 170€
  • Art doll (Popovy Sisters, Enchanted Doll, etc.) 180€
  • Realistic portrait/human inspired makeup of any size 180€
  • Tan/dark resin +20€
  • Full body blushing +100€
  • Hands/feet makeup only 20€ (both 40€)
  • Eyelashes 5€
  • Faceup removal (including sanding on plastic dolls) 10€
  • Tattoos/fantasy painting - contact me for a quote!
  • Freckles, face skin texturing/veins, shimmer & glitter are FREE!
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  • Vallejo Premium Matt Varnish, Liquitex Matte Medium, Mr. Super Clear UV Cut Flat
  • Derwent, Faber Castell watercolor pencils
  • Vallejo, Windsor & Newton acrylic & watercolor paints
  • Finetec metallic and pearl watercolors
  • Tamiya X-22 clear acrylic paint
  • Harder & Steenbeck Evolution airbrush with compressor
  • Variety of shimmer powders & glitters
  • Windsor & Newton brush cleaner (for faceup removal)
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  • Body modifications
  • Modding on resin dolls
  • Seam sanding
  • Hot glue removing (from joints)
  • Eyechips making for Blythe/Pullip
  • Partial faceups
  • Wigs, reroots, outfit or accessories making
  • Painting recasts


Priority airmail with partial tracking +5€

Global Express with full tracking +12€

EMS with full tracking and insurance +40€

UPS (for EU only) with full tracking and insurance +23€

Regarding customs:

Parcels outside EU with value over 20€ may be charged by customs. The only way to avoid a customs fee is marking your parcel as 'gift' and put value no higher than 20€. Please remember that parcels with high insurance may be value higher by the Post Office, so make sure about the final value of the package. I send parcels back marked as 'gift' with 20€ value as well, unless you want higher value or/and an extra insurance on your responsibility.


  • How can I commission you/get a slot?
  • I am open for commissions all the time, so don't hesitate to contact me! I work on plenty dolls at once and I don't make limited slots monthly. You will find makeup listing slots ready to be purchased on my Etsy, but if you prefer to contact me directly, be my guest - send a message via theugliestwife@gmail.com or any social media - Facebook, Instagram or Etsy!
  • How long do you need for your work?
  • I need about 4 weeks for a single commission, depending on how many dolls I am currently working on. I need an extra time in case of any personal issues, illness, weather conditions etc.
  • When do I have to pay for the faceup?
  • When your slot is next in line and I'll start working on your doll/dolls, I'll contact you with payment info. I don't finish the faceup until I get a full/partial payment.
  • What payment do you accept? Do I have to pay in Euro?
  • I accept payments via PayPal only. Different payment options (e.g. Credit Card) are available if you purchase a listing from Etsy. Preferable currency is Euro, but you can also pay me in US Dollars.
  • Do you take progress photos?
  • I will send you photos of the first layer (in case when I have to paint eyes on the doll) or basic brow shape (in case when it's a doll with open eyeholes) and after your approval I will send you pictures of your doll with finished faceup. I don't send photos during my work, however if you request progress pictures I can send the finished look, just before the final coats of sealer, but in that case I accept small add-ons only. I work on many layers and I can't remove any part - it would also mean to remove all my work!
  • Do you accept *this* style of faceup to paint?
  • I accept any kind of makeup - skin imperfections, veins or blood are welcome too.
  • Can you make a copy of your work?
  • No, I don't make copies of my previous works. I can do a similar one, but it's not possible to do the same.
  • Can you create a real person inspired Monster High/Barbie makeup?
  • Yes, it's possible!
  • Can you order a doll for me and make a faceup on it?
  • I can purchase a doll for you, but I will only purchase items available in Poland, I won't buy abroad!


Please follow the Custom Doll Makeup form and give me the details of your future doll makeup:

doll makeup details
* for dolls with painted eyes
* eg. tattoos, beauty marks, veins, blood etc.
* only '.jpg', '.png', '.gif' and '.bmp' files are allowed
* maximum file size is 2MB
* custom colors possible
additions to Blythe/Pullip
shipping info
* for UPS/EMS invoice only
* only if you live outside of EU
* please write ALL contents (eg. faceplate, eyes, wig, eyelashes, face protector etc.)
  • By commissioning the Ugliest wife you agree and accept to all the rules and conditions written on the website www.theugliestwife.com
  • Your contact information and billing address will be used only to communicate with you about the order and for legal reasons (like paying taxes).
  • I do not accept faceup changes when my work is done. If you want an exact color or design to be painted on your doll, remember to attach inspiration photos with precise examples. Please choose a faceup artist carefully and be sure that you like my style before sending me your doll.
  • If the old faceup hasn't been removed well enough, I have the right to charge to clean it properly. I am not responsible if your doll will have any stains/imperfecions in case I have to remove its faceup.
  • Hand painted doll is an artwork not a children's toy and should be treated with special care. Do not touch it, because it may chip/scratch and get dirty. Keep your doll away from water, extreme temperatures and excessive humidity. Using gloves is highly recommended, since bare human hands are naturally oily and can damage the faceup.
  • Make sure you send the doll carefully packed to avoid faceup damages while in transit. I am not responsible for loss or damage of contents (doll, faceup etc.) after I send the parcel out.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask, I will answer with pleasure. Thank you for your interest! ♥

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